Thursday, October 4, 2012

XBOX Phone

XBOX Phone Concept
 A little over a year ago, I posted a suggestion on the Windows Phone forum asking Microsoft to consider creating an XBOX Phone.

I started developing Windows Phone applications before the phone was officially released. I wanted it to succeed really bad, after all, C# is my favorite language and the .NET environment is IMHO the best way to develop applications hands down.

Well, a year has gone by and Microsoft is still struggling trying to get any market share. Will they succeed in trying to beat Android or iOS? It's too early to say.

One area where they dominate is Video Games. They are a really strong player in the console world, but they are lacking a handheld version of their XBOX console, so why not use that success to catapult themselves where no other phone has been able to compete?

If I were Microsoft, I'd be jumping on that idea right now! Phones like Xperia Play have failed to get a good amount of buyers, but that's because they created a sub-par phone. I wanted to buy one so bad, but when I played with it at the store, I was extremely disappointed. Had it been a different story, I probably would be playing my favorite emulator right now on my phone...

Maybe the time has come and Microsoft might already be working on this according to this patent. Time will tell!

Now, I use a Galaxy Nexus and I'm liking it more and more. If Microsoft waits too long to come up with something good / different / interesting, it may lose the phone battle forever...

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